Saturday, December 3, 2011

~ Recover ~

sometimes I really don't believe
that i've lost you
and just take everything the way they were before..
but I deeply think and remember
and come back to the reality..
I know I'm not ok...

the people here just don't give me a chance
to let me recover
I just need my time
I wish you are still with me
and pat me on my head
like always when I'm in misery

I'm so down
GOD..please make me stronger


fatyah woot2!! said...

be strong rumate!!
huhu. phm sgt ur condition.
same goes to me bila my dad got sick.
others xphm cuz they didnt put theirselves in ur cndition rumate.
just pray! huhuhu. tahu sakit even rumate hide dat feeling.. but then, ada ramai lg syg rumate.

~Da Life of Cicilah~ said...

tenz dear.. <3 ^__^