Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~ Polka Dot Fever ~

hye shume!!!
emmm..smlam 26/12/2011
cicilah n sue gie jalan2..
huhu...ukannye ape..saje nk jalan2 b4 exam..
hajat nk crik kain or bju krung polka dot
yg da lameee dlam wishlist kiteowg..
tp2..xdep pown..haha..da basi da kiteowg bru nk gi carik..
last2 end up falling in love ngan corak len..
haha...my bad~~
pashtu gi layan wayang..
gi mam pizza..nyum3!
maaflaa...gmba x bnyak..duk kalut nk gi sane sini..

si comel yg panic tngah jlan~ ^_^

nie la yg kami duk collect..
comel kn!!! x seda dri msing2 da 20.. :p

sue punye~

n kiteowg lintas jalan cam ayam...
x tawu bile kne lintas..
aiiish~~kene practice lintas jalan btol2 lau nk kua..
my bad~~~

thanks sbb anta kami balik...

Friday, December 9, 2011

~ 20 years ~

20 years
knowing you
loving you
care for you
talk to you
smile at you
laugh with you
helping you
protected by you
nagging at you
pampered by you
there's so much things in my life that have you in it..
i can't even list all of them..
losing you means losing half of my life...
living half dead can i endure all these..
everything's just not the same anymore...
start to miss that 20 years...
the 20 years that mean so much in my life
will be treasured
will be remembered
will be cherish
n will be living in my heart
till my last breath...


the unrecovered wound that
keeps on bleeding...
yupt, i'm the bad one..
i'm the one that at fault...
i'm the only one that heartless..
i don't wish everybody to understand..
its enough if there's you..
guess i'm wrong~
thank you n sorry for everything...
for making you wasting your time knowing me...
please be happy~

Saturday, December 3, 2011

~ Recover ~

sometimes I really don't believe
that i've lost you
and just take everything the way they were before..
but I deeply think and remember
and come back to the reality..
I know I'm not ok...

the people here just don't give me a chance
to let me recover
I just need my time
I wish you are still with me
and pat me on my head
like always when I'm in misery

I'm so down
GOD..please make me stronger