Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~ Polka Dot Fever ~

hye shume!!!
emmm..smlam 26/12/2011
cicilah n sue gie jalan2..
huhu...ukannye ape..saje nk jalan2 b4 exam..
hajat nk crik kain or bju krung polka dot
yg da lameee dlam wishlist kiteowg..
tp2..xdep pown..haha..da basi da kiteowg bru nk gi carik..
last2 end up falling in love ngan corak len..
haha...my bad~~
pashtu gi layan wayang..
gi mam pizza..nyum3!
maaflaa...gmba x bnyak..duk kalut nk gi sane sini..

si comel yg panic tngah jlan~ ^_^

nie la yg kami duk collect..
comel kn!!! x seda dri msing2 da 20.. :p

sue punye~

n kiteowg lintas jalan cam ayam...
x tawu bile kne lintas..
aiiish~~kene practice lintas jalan btol2 lau nk kua..
my bad~~~

thanks sbb anta kami balik...

Friday, December 9, 2011

~ 20 years ~

20 years
knowing you
loving you
care for you
talk to you
smile at you
laugh with you
helping you
protected by you
nagging at you
pampered by you
there's so much things in my life that have you in it..
i can't even list all of them..
losing you means losing half of my life...
living half dead can i endure all these..
everything's just not the same anymore...
start to miss that 20 years...
the 20 years that mean so much in my life
will be treasured
will be remembered
will be cherish
n will be living in my heart
till my last breath...


the unrecovered wound that
keeps on bleeding...
yupt, i'm the bad one..
i'm the one that at fault...
i'm the only one that heartless..
i don't wish everybody to understand..
its enough if there's you..
guess i'm wrong~
thank you n sorry for everything...
for making you wasting your time knowing me...
please be happy~

Saturday, December 3, 2011

~ Recover ~

sometimes I really don't believe
that i've lost you
and just take everything the way they were before..
but I deeply think and remember
and come back to the reality..
I know I'm not ok...

the people here just don't give me a chance
to let me recover
I just need my time
I wish you are still with me
and pat me on my head
like always when I'm in misery

I'm so down
GOD..please make me stronger

Sunday, November 27, 2011

~the only thing that can i do~

flashing back all the memories
so that they cherish in hearts...
reminding all the precious moments
and my eyes sparkles with tears...
wish i could have all the moment again..
i do really mish u damn much!

would you come back
should i get to you..

if only i can bring my heart out n show you

Friday, November 25, 2011

~ try ~

everytime the people call me
and ask me how i've been doing
i try to sound ok so that they
would not worry bout my
little heart..

how should i say it
when i miss the person that would never come back to me...

Thursday, November 24, 2011


why did suddenly i feel so down..
something is burdening me without me realizing it
i hate this feeling..
please go away n leave me alone..
come back at other time...
not when i'm really in misery..
not when i'm in my weakest state..
n definitely not now..
let me pull myself together again..
in peace...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

~ lost ~

i lost a heart that can never be replace

leaving me with three hearts that i'll
treasure for eternity...


Saturday, October 29, 2011

hye shume..
25 till 26 oct arituh

cicilah gie langkawi..
ikowt trip DPP
yg trut serte
:.: Sue :.:
:.: Mummy :.:

mira nak ikowt ugak..tp x dpt permission..
saidah n sumai mmg xmo gie..
rugi la kowank~


kami bertolak kul 8 pg..

n sampai kt jeti k.perlis..
naek kt ctu..
nie sume gmba kt jeti la nie..

tgok2..tu jari kteowg..plus jari leya~

from left : sue,daya,cicilah n mummy

with tira~~ roomate kami..




~cici n mummy~

~bru abes lawat kdai gamat~

bwah nie kteowg gi island hopping
:.: Dayang Bunting Marbles :.:
:.: x engt r...hehe :.:
:.: Pulau Beras Basah :.:

nie time bwu nk naek bot..
bot kami name Ilham 1..

ahli bot kami..another 3 cicilah,hafiz n ji'a

ahli2 trip~

suke gmba nie~~ ^_^

nie kat tasik dayang bunting..
siyez suke tmpat nie.

nie kt second destination tuh..
bg brung helang mam2..

nie kat plau beras basah tuh..
tmpat nie lawaaaaa ugak..
tp pantai die kene atie2 cket..
ade bnyakkkk landak laut..

mummy,sue with ezri a.k.a prince


pagi hari di otel..
tggu bas~

nie kat cable car punye tmpat..

naek da~~~

kat sky bridge

angin kuat giler!

tgok..slamber jepp kteowg lepak tas tuh..

tu la last destination kami..
coz nk kne airport lak.
tkwt kul5 petang..
huhu..tata langkawi..
already miss u!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

~laser tag warzone~

hye shume...
smalam..24hb..mam2 kat Fullhouse..
x jao pown..kt dmansara tu ugak...
tp tmpat ni sgt cantekkk! huhu >_<

happy family..lawa kn gmba nie...

tu brung tpoo jep taw..saje kcau die..
ahahahaha :p

kak fatin yg sentiase cumellll! ^_^


pastu2..kteowg pown gi i-city smate2 nk gi try men
laser tag warzone tuh...
ermm...mule2 tgok tmpat die ase cm masuk uma antoooo...
gelap jeg..hehe..cuak gak la...
kteowg men 3 games..
lau kite dpt bnuh owg bru gain points taw

1st game...
emmm...name cicilah 'eagle' tgok la tuh..
duk kt bawah skali..hehe...asik kne bnuh jep...
1st game nie solo..
means tmbak je la sape2 yg kte jmpe kt dlam warzone tuh
time nie cicilah duk lari2 lam gelap tuh..
x tawu nk gie mane...haha..
tu psal asik matiiii....

2nd game nie group..
time nie kbetulan ade another group yg 6 owg gak..
so kami pown 6 owg...fair la kn 6 lwan 6..
tp dieowg sume laki..kiteowg ade 3 girls..
pham2 je la..sah2 la klah..hehe
tgok2...naek cket dpat no 9..

hehe..heroin2 kite...

nie 3rd game...maen base..
lupe nk gtaw..kteowg group biru..
yg nie kne jage base msing2 drpade dserang..
so 3 jage,3 ag serang base ag satu..
kami yg jage sume girls..
x mmpu nk prthankn..ahahaha..again kalah..

tp2..tgok2..cicilah dpat no4!! yay..
name highlight biru belongs to group biru n same goes to ijau
muahahahaha...along 'delta' no 2...
wahhh...kmi adek bradek ebat..
ahahahahaha *pasan
nyway kowank ptowt try game nie..
siyez cicilah kate BEST...