Wednesday, April 8, 2009

* Ma Family Ma Life *

we gonna start with the head of da family of course it's gonna be my dad..


well...this is how he's look like..hansome huh???haha..don't worry..i'm not gonna be mad if eu say so...wat kind of person is he?? of course he's the best dad..( like i have another dad..haha)...he's really the man of da family..responsible n not too strict.. eu can make jokes with i always do..puuff!!..i'm still alive! so...don't be too afraid of him...but..just be serious when he be one..or u'll die..muahahahahaha..

the fairlady of da mom


my life...she's a very,extremely,totally a good cook..she can make from da simple dishes to da complex one like ice cream...oowwhh...i love ice-cream~..haha...she's sweet n caring..very caring especially when it comes to her children...she's a very sensitive person..she can be so sad when people mistreat his children... hehe...the best part is she's quite picky in choosing things..i don't think it's 'quite'..muahaha..sometimes,we have to go all over da city just to find simple thing..that's great mom..haha...


the first award goes to...


By looking at this guy eu will get da impression that he's a funny guy..yupz2!!..u'r rite...he's funny n he's wonder everyone likes him..not just the girls...but also da boys...ehem..don't get the wrong idea..i mean lil boys ok...muahaha..i love him since he's fun n of course i must love him..he's my brother,he's the office boy...i really don't know wat he do but it has sumetink to do with computer..haha..wat kind of lil sis am i..

the second award goes too...


this good-looking guy is ma second bro..he's got the brain..a very intelligent person...he's pointer in da college are always 3.5 n above...
from wat i see..he's lowest pointer for the whole semester is 3.7... waa...wat a great guy...sometimes,i think he's perfect...good-looking face,great behaviour,high-class brain..i envy eu life..he's da untalkative guy...not sosial..n just minding his own business..for me...he's quite hot tempered..but when he's not take too long for him to cool down...muahaha..the best part of him is...he's my sugar credit-bro...which is my permanent credit supplier..muahahahhaa.. i love eu bro!!

well to have a family like al of eu is really a blessing for me.. i am so lucky n thank ALLAH for this give.. I LOVE U ALL VERY MUCH..

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